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Also known as @jon4growth, Jonathan started his journey in growth as a YouTuber in 2008, which organically led him to his purpose on this Earth: scaling startups.

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Founder @ Virtualis ($3M ARR in 24 months)
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Ex Growth Lead @  Uber, Coinbase, Postmates
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TechCrunch Growth Columnist
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Jonathan's Story

In 2008, Jonathan was a high school student, bored during the summer and trying to find ways to make some extra money online. He liked creating content (just like with his book), and decided to kickstart a YouTube channel reviewing mobile apps. That channel grew to 50,000 subscribers and 40 million video views - a journey which introduced him to growing something online. Following that, he went off to college knowing what his purpose was. All of his experiences since graduating UC Berkeley have been helping B2C startups scale, and eventually growing his own B2B startup, Virtualis. It all came full circle, from creating videos for YouTube in 2008, to now writing and publishing a book on his learnings over the last ~15 years.

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Scaling Virtualis

After starting tens of startups through high school and college, Jonathan finally struck gold with Virtualis. Within 24 months of founding, the company grew to $3.5M ARR and 40 employees. This rapid growth was fueled by lofty goals and leveraging the framework that Jonathan has dubbed First Million Framework contained in his book. Shortly after reaching $3.5M ARR, Virtualis was acquired which was a huge accomplishment for the entire team. All of Jonathan's  failures from past startups brought lessons that were applied when growing Virtualis from the ground up. He is now focused on teaching other founders how to use the same blueprint to scale their very own startups.

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