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Proven Way To Make Your First Million.

This book introduces the First Million Framework which guides startup founders on reaching their first million in revenue.

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About Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan Martinez, aka JON4GROWTH, is a proud growth marketing nerd. Not only does he love scaling startups, but he also genuinely believes this is what he was put on the Earth to do. Over the last decade Jonathan has had the privilege of working at various startups, from Kurbo, which operated out of a private home in Silicon Valley, to the corporate behemoth Uber and all types and sizes of companies in between. Some of these include Postmates, Coinbase and Chime. He’s also consulted and advised over 100 startups that have spanned various verticals, a list that continues growing to this day.

Jonathan Martinez
Growth Marketing Leader

First Million Framework

Within this book, you'll be introduced to the First Million Framework and receive tactical advice on scaling your startup.


Find Product-Market-Fit

It's important to find PMF as rapidly as possible and this book includes battle-tested methods on how to do this in record time.


Identify Ideal Customer Profiles

Instead of casting a large net and having inefficient acquisition, Ideal Customer Profiles will increase conversion rates among other metrics.


Nail Messaging

Messaging is the fuel for all acquisition efforts so it's critical to have that defined early, along with being consistent across all comms.


'Aha' Moment

When your customers find their 'aha' moment it's glorious - every major startup has found this and capitalized on getting their customers there sooner.



The main pillar to growth marketing is "optimizing" through iterative testing, but it needs to be done correctly or will lead to wasted time.


Repeat (as needed)

Some of these steps will need to be repeated countless times to get to the first million, and that's okay - especially the optimizing portion.

What Readers Are Saying

A collection of esteemed professionals including fellow growth experts and startup founders.

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I wished I had this book when I started my first startup! I’ve worked with Jonathan in the past and was impressed by the breadth of his growth marketing knowledge.

Yunha Kim
Founder @ Sleep Reset, Shark Tank Guest, Forbes 30U30

Jonathan has a vast amount of growth experience that he’s implemented to scale startups such as Postmates. His book provides a solid framework for the startup founder to quickly learn the fundamentals on growth.

Austin Hay
Head of Marketing Technology  @ Ramp

Jonathan is a masterclass in the growth space. The stories and insights he shares in this blueprint are an essential read for any business owner that wants to demystify growth marketing, or for an independent operator that wants to level up their growth skillset.

Garrison Yang
VP Growth & Strategy @ Avalanche

Jonathan has always been a bit of a wunderkind when it comes to digital marketing. This book is the culmination of almost a decade of his single-minded focus and a must-read.

James Ryan
VP Marketing @ Brave Software

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